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Warmur and The Heating Hub merge to bring impartial home energy advice to all

Warmur and The Heating Hub merge to bring impartial home energy advice to all

We’re delighted to announce the merger of Warmur with energy advice pioneer The Heating Hub

For the last 3 years The Heating Hub has pioneered the model of providing impartial and personalised advice to households who need help with home energy. Recognising that their customers also needed reliable referrals to action their advice, the Heating Hub team has built a hand-picked nationwide network of technically-assessed heating engineers.

As a mission-driven business with insider know-how, they’ve had an outsized impact on the way heating is delivered, running viral campaigns to cut energy bills, pushing boiler underperformance up the political agenda and raising awareness on low industry standards.

As the home energy transition gathers pace, The Heating Hub’s technical expertise across a wide array of renewable options has provided households with optimised combinations of green technologies and crucially helped them avoid bad buying decisions, so far on a closed beta basis. Increasingly, customers have turned to The Heating Hub for heat pump system design and their high-calibre network trained in low temperature design, who are perfectly placed to fit efficient heat pump systems.

Warmur was born out of the recognition that home owners struggle to make informed buying decisions that span different renewable technologies, typically heat pumps, solar PV, batteries & time of use tariffs. To solve this, we’ve built a unique software platform to model heat loss, weather data, energy demand and time of use tariffs; providing households with the optimum mix of renewable technologies, forecast running costs and weigh up investment decisions. 

Warmur’s groundbreaking technology and Heating Hub’s industry model are combining to deliver data-backed independent advice that can help all households upgrade their homes with green energy systems. Working with our installers, we’re excited to use our data-driven models to help consumers understand the value of a high quality design and installation, delivered by top notch installers.

Our pioneering technology, experience in the heating industry and network of reliable small businesses will enable us to help more homeowners than ever before. Together we’ve built a model for how the industry can come together to work more effectively for consumers and we’re rolling it out across the UK.

Warmur’s home energy calculator is currently in closed-beta, and is scheduled to be launched in early 2024.

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