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Warmur is a new whole-home energy calculator, due to be released late at the end of 2023. Our mission is to help home owners navigate the journey to a carbon free home. We can even help you find a reputable installer for your project.

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But calculators abound, you say! There are several calculators online which let you estimate your solar energy production, and some of them also model the impact of installing a battery. Others still can give you an idea of your heat pump running costs. A few calculators combine all of these technologies to give you a more complete view.

By answering a few simple questions about your home and habits, we'll show you your projected savings from combining not just solar, battery & heat pump, but also off-peak electricty tarrifs, a crucial component of considering your future home energy bills. It's our mission to build the most intuitive home energy calculator, helping you decarbonise your home, minimising running costs.

Warmur is the missing calculator for navigating your path to a cheaper to run, greener home.

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